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CSEA Local 882

Civil Service Union

(516) 681-9022


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   Pearl Carroll - CSEA

Accident and disability

(800) 743-6751

Representative Claudia Ramirez

11542 Job Searches


   CSEA Life Insurance

CSEA Life Insurance

(800) 342-4146 x1338


Civil Service Commission


Dental & Vision Insurance

(800) 323-2732

For CSEA Employees only.  EBF Forms

About the Commission


NYS Deferred Comp Plan

Deferred Compensation

(800) 422-8463

Local Plan ID # 212633

Local Civil Service Rules


Bert Thomas

Our Representative

(631) 276-9183



The Empire Plan

Health Insurance

(877) 769-7447

Glen Cove is a Participating Agency (PA) and offers the Core Plus plan.



Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Empire Hospitalization

(877) 769-7447

Appointing Authorities

United Health Care

Empire Medical Surgical

(877) 769-7447

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National Diabetic

Empire diabetic supplies

(888) 306-7337

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Empire Mental Health

(877) 769-7447

Empire Statement of Disability

Glen Cove Employees

Medco with UHC

Empire Prescription Drug

(877) 769-7447

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Healthplex Dental

PBA Dental Insurance

(800) 468-0608

For PBA Employees only.  Forms

Group XK 592

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GHI Dental

Retiree Dental Insurance

(800) 624-2414

Group DT650 and Category 945 Claims

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NYS Retirement System

Retirement System

(866) 805-0990

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VDC Retirement Plan

Optional Retirement Plan

(866) 271-0960

Optional plan for management employees.

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