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To establish or change federal income taxes withheld.  Must be submitted annually if you claim exempt or more than 9 dependents.

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Department of Homeland Security form required for all new employees to establish employment eligibility and identification.

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PT/Seasonal Waiver

Required of part-time and seasonal employees.

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Direct Deposit Form

Optional form for any employee requesting direct deposit.

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Time Sheets 2015

Due by Monday before payday. Use tabs at the bottom of the worksheet to switch between part-time, full-time and overtime.

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Returning Employee Application Alternative

Required of employees returning to similar position for which an application is already on file.

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ACA Market Place Notice

The Affordable Care Act requires each employee to be notified of the health insurance market place and insurance eligibility.

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Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

To report instances of sexual harassment for investigation and remedial action by the City of Glen Cove.

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